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Hi! I’m Kintla Striker. I began teaching Kintla Yoga Therapy® in 2009. It is part of my heart and soul, the culmination of a lifetime of experiences, education, healing, adventure and continued learning, and it is my tremendous honor to share it with you!

I am passionate about creating a healthier, happier, more connected and heart-centered world by empowering healing in trauma survivors through trauma-informed yoga, including mindfulness practices and meditation. It is my life’s work.

As the owner of Kintla Yoga and the creator of Kintla Yoga Therapy®, I teach, speak, train, write, and act as a research investigator with Michigan State University (Clinical Psychology Department). I’m also a Program Author in partnership with Unitus Therapy Intelligence.

I have a strong interest in working with survivors of all types of trauma, including child abuse and neglect, human trafficking, domestic violence, combat trauma, cancer, natural disasters, refugees and civilian survivors of war. ♥

This is inspiring, life-affirming work, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be of service to others in this meaningful way.


Kintla Yoga, LLC offers a variety of services from private and group yoga therapy sessionstraining opportunities for yoga teachers, mental health care providers, NGOs, and government and academic institutions, as well as speaking engagements and cloud-based programs for mental health care providers.

Although we see clients with various backgrounds and experiences, Kintla Yoga Therapy® is specially designed to empower healing in trauma, grief and loss survivors, including those who suffer the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Kintla Yoga Therapy® is trauma-informed, heart-centered and choice-driven, rooted in ancient yogic traditions, compassion, and mindfulness practices. And, it’s supported by empirical research!


The intention of Kintla Yoga Therapy® is to empower individuals to see their own light, to heal and reconnect body-mind-spirit/breath, to feel, to increase confidence, to find peace, to re-discover joy, and to move forward with concrete tools–wholeheartedly embracing every aspect of being fully present and alive for the rest of their lives.

“You always make my heart smile. Thank you for always being kind and validating me, Kintla. I have not done it alone, you have been so instrumental in my healing. I’m not a hero, what I have been through so many others have been through. I just want to heal and be able to help others the way you have for me, and be a voice for others.

You are my hero and inspiration, Kintla. You have been my light through my darkness. You have found something in me I couldn’t see, you made me believe.”

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Kintla Striker

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