Are you looking to enhance and empower your healing process in a safe, gentle and trauma-informed environment?

As a mental health provider, could your work benefit from my program on the UnitusTI cloud, which includes mind-body tools with therapeutic guidance updated in real time, assessment tools to monitor client progress, plus secure record keeping, and report generation?

Do you yearn to deepen your yoga teaching, gain a better understanding of trauma and the role yoga can serve in the healing process, and to guide and support those who seek empowering healing through yoga practice?

Are you affiliated with an organization, company or institution which would benefit from an educational presentation, workshop or group training about trauma-informed yoga therapy for individuals or populations suffering the effects of traumatic stress?

To set an appointment, or for more information regarding classes,
teacher or therapist trainings, or group presentations, please contact me.


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Good Space Yoga

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Driving Directions

“PTS[D] = Post Traumatic Success!”

David McCleery

Veteran, Vietnam War


“If you have ever considered learning more about the use of yoga to help with trauma, then enroll in this class. The weekend training that I shared with Kintla and my fellow classmates will forever be an essential part of my practice and teaching.”

Scott Waite

Module 1 Workshop Participant

Kintla Striker

CEO | Teacher | Speaker | Trauma Educator | Researcher | Program Author
Kintla Yoga, LLC

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