Kintla Yoga Therapy (KYT) Group Class

Kintla Yoga Therapy (KYT) Group Class

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This event is running from 20 January 2020 until 13 April 2020. It is next occurring on March 30, 2020 7:00 pm

Yoga Therapist: Kintla Striker

Support Assistant:

This teen and adult trauma-informed KYT class is accessible for all bodies, regardless of age, ability, or disability. It offers a safe and confidential ​space for individuals ​to begin ​to ​empower​ their own healing ​through choice-driven practices, including breathwork, mindfulness with self-compassion techniques, gentle movement, and guided meditation. It is an opportunity to relax, renew, befriend the body, connect with the breath, ​and to discover and deepen embodied resources for day-to-day life, additional therapies, and post-traumatic growth. ​

Spring 2020! January-April 2020, this weekly group class will be offered to students, faculty, and the greater Lansing community in collaboration with the RCAH LookOut Gallery at Michigan State University as an extension of the exhibition, We Can Begin Again: Moving Through Trauma. The class will be held on Monday evenings, 7:00-8:00 p.m., in the LookOut Gallery, Snyder-Phillips Hall, 2nd Fl., 363 Bogue St., East Lansing, MI 48825. Yoga mats will be available to borrow. This collaborative seva effort offers free trauma-informed yoga for our entire community in the spirit of encouraging and supporting healing for all. Donations gratefully accepted. #BeginAgainMSU

LOCATION: RCAH LookOut Gallery, Snyder-Phillips Hall, Michigan State University, 362 Bogue St., 2nd Fl., East Lansing, MI 48825.


INVESTMENT: Free. Donations welcome.

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