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Welcome to the debut of RED LOTUS NOTES! I'm so grateful for this space to share information and my contemplative thoughts.   One of my decades-long favorite quotes, and one which I often use in the studio with clients, is "No Mud, No Lotus." Why do I use it? Because...

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“I have been so blessed to have met and worked with Kintla on my healing journey. I have never met such an inspiring and wonderful soul who is so genuine about helping others. I remember telling my family that Kintla is the kind of person who can see into your soul and read you like a book…in the best way possible. She has not only been an inspiration but a wonderful supporter of my healing.

She has a caring yet professional demeanor and never pushed me into doing something I wasn’t comfortable with. She truly understands how trauma affects another human being and I have learned so much more about myself and how the human mind and body interact. I highly recommend working with her to anyone, whether you think you like yoga or not, as Kintla is definitely a necessary player on your healing journey.”


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