Private and Group Yoga Therapy Sessions

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General Description 

Kintla Yoga, LLC offers private and group yoga therapy sessions. Kintla Yoga Therapy® sessions are designed to empower healing in trauma survivors, as well as those suffering the effects of chronic stress.

Private sessions and group classes provide tools and safe opportunities for students to begin to heal, and to begin to reconnect the mind-body disconnect that may occur as a result of trauma or chronic stress.

Yoga mats, cushions, and blankets are available for use at the studio.


Private sessions are held at a small, sacred studio in East Lansing. Group classes are held at:

2025 Abbot Road, #300, East Lansing, MI 48823.

Private Sessions

Kintla Yoga Therapy® is designed to empower healing in trauma survivors, including those suffering the effects of PTSD. It is also useful for those experiencing the symptoms of chronic stress.

Kintla Yoga Therapy® private sessions are offered by appointment only and held at a small, sacred studio in East Lansing, Michigan or via Skype. Contact me to inquire or set an appointment.

[Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) are most often applicable for private sessions with a doctor’s prescription.]

Sessions are designed specifically to meet each individual client’s needs. For optimal improvement, clients are advised to commit to a minimum of 9 weeks, involving one 75-minute session per week.

A thorough intake is conducted during the first session, in part through a questionnaire that is re-administered at Week 8. The data is analyzed, and a confidential report is generated at Week 9 and reviewed with the client. The report reflects the client’s growth and progress and/or areas that may need improvement, as well as recommendations for moving forward with or without private sessions.

A Kintla Yoga Therapy® group class is available for clients to move into when private sessions conclude and/or to attend concurrently with private sessions.

Clients may also simply schedule single sessions to help gain some insight into tools that may be useful to practice on their own as they move forward with healing.

It is strongly recommended that clients see a counselor/psychologist in addition to private yoga therapy sessions, but it is not generally mandatory.

*To purchase previously scheduled private sessions, please make payment by clicking the ‘Purchase’ button below.



Group Classes


NEW CLASS TIME! Mondays, 7:15 – 8:15 PM

First Class FREE!
Drop-In (Single):  $15
8-Class Package: $80

♡ This class is a safe and gentle space for students to begin empowering their own healing — to relax, renew, make choices, befriend the body, connect with the breath, quell the anxiety-related symptoms that may arise from trauma or chronic stress, and to re-discover joy in daily life.

2025 Abbot Road, #300, East Lansing, MI 48823


Group Class Payment Options


Gift Certificates for the Monday Group class are available for download upon online purchase.



Kintla Striker and Michael Banks

Thursdays, April 5 – May 3, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

6-Class Package: $75
Limited to 10 students. Prepayment and registration are required.

♡ This class is a safe and confidential ​space for ​men ​to begin ​to ​empower​ their own healing ​through breathwork, mindfulness practices, movement, and guided meditation. It is an opportunity to relax, renew, make choices, befriend the body, connect with the breath, ​and to discover and deepen internal resources for post-traumatic growth. ​

2025 Abbot Road, #300, East Lansing, MI 48823




“I feel so at ease in Kintla’s class. She reminds us constantly to listen to our bodies and makes so many great suggestions for ways that we can take the relaxing experience into our lives.”


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